The Duroc pork

The Duroc pork is a specific breed, with morphological and genetic characteristics well defined and known for its good qualities both growth and meat quality. It provides products with high organoleptic and sensory value and it is the appropriated to complement/ supplement the strengths of other genetic. In Spain it is used especially at the crossbreeding with Iberian pork, improving the efficiency of carcass, and the fat proportion in the muscle.

Duroc pigs are the result of a careful selection of breeds, breeding and natural food. They are raised in our land without haste, giving them the time and attention they need at each stage of the animal’s life. They are characterized by offering one of the higher quality products on the market, with a high degree of streaky, with great taste and texture that satisfy the most demanding people.

Characteristics of Duroc Prolongo products

  • Animals Natural feeding.
  • Very juicy meat, tender, with a good taste and no unpleasant smells.
  • High level of infiltration in Duroc 100%.

Healing of Prolongo Duroc Products

Serrano V-cut”.
Hams are defined and trimmed to get the appropriate form.

Apply salt through a massage with the hands on the surface of the ham to remove most of the blood inside the piece. Elimination of residual blood from the upper leg by manual pressure on the trajectories of the saphenous and femoral arteries.

Salting in dry with common salt.
Time of salting approximately 1 day per kilo.
Temperature: 0ºC – 3ºC Humidity: 90% -95%

4.Washing and Brushing
In this stage the superficial salt of the ham is eliminated through cold water washing.

5.Post Salting
Homogeneus distribution of salt on the whole leg.
Post salting period is approximately of 90 days
Temperature: 0ºC – 6ºC Humedity: 70% -90%

6.Drying and Maturing
Parts stay in drying from 6 to 9 months where the temperature is controlled (15 ° C – 30 ° C), ventilation and humidity. This period favours the natural fusion of the fat part into muscle tissue

Pieces will be in the storehouse from 13 to 16 months to complete the healing process where microbial flora gives the product its unique aroma and taste.
Temperature: 12º – 20ºC Humidity: 50% – 80%