Product certifications

ETG “Jamón Serrano” (Traditional Guarantee Speciality)

Certification since the year 2000. Standard that ensures customers and consumers that serrano hams made in Prolongo have fulfilled requirements of raw materials, processes and final product accordance with legality.
In adittion, hams meet a mínimum healing before being sold, according to the criteria of the Fundación Jamón Serrano.

The following Prolong hams are under this certifications:

  • Jamón Serrano Bodega Prolongo: more tan 9 months of curing process (Foundation reserve category, pieces with more tan 12 months of curing).
  • Jamón Serrano Reserva Prolongo: more than 12 months of curing (Foundation reserve category, pieces with more tan 12 months of curing).
  • Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva Prolongo: more than 15 months of curing (Gran Reserva category of Jamón Serrano foundation).

“ETG Prolongo Jamón Serrano” has the distintion and mark `Certified Quality” by Junta de Andalucía.

Quality Regulation for the meat, iberian ham, iberian shoulder and iberian loin.

Certification since the year 2005. Standard that guarantees to customers and consumers that the hams produced in Prolongo under this standard are Iberian and have based their feeding on Acorn consumption.


Certified Traceability

Certification since the year 2002.


Controlled by FACE

Certification since the year 2008. This Brand of Gluten free Spanish Associations Federation controls the gluten máximum level allowed in food whose destination is to be consumed by people with intolerance to such substance.

This standard and the brand “Controlled by FACE” on the label of our products guarantee that raw materials, processes and final product are subjected to controls so that celiac people can consume Prolongo products in a safe manner.


“Certified pork meat”

Certification since the year 2003. Slaughterhouse: only supplier of carcasses for the Certified Pork Meat. This meat offers a total traceability from the farm to the package, with greater security than required by the legislation and the possibility of choice by the customer of som volunteer requirements (differentiators) that do not have the standard meat.

Pork meat that meets this standard has the distinction and mark “Certified quality” of Junta de Andalucía.