Food Safety Certifications

BRC Regulation (Global Standard for Food Safety)

Certification since the year 2003. BRC standard (British Retail Consortium) appeared of the British Retail Consortium as technical standards to fulfil by all those suppliers companies of branded food products.

These rules are a group of ISO standards (requirements of ISO9001: 2000 standard ) HACCP (System of hazard analysis and critical Control point) food safety requirements.

Some European companies are adopting them as rules and some multinationals of distribution are demanding them to their suppliers since they are more demanding than the ISO quality standards.

This is a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Iniative (GFSI).


IFS Food Regulation (International Featured Standard)

This is a regulation made by big German and French distribution companies with the purpose of regulating the quality management system of food sector. Its objective is to ensure the higher safety level in the manufacturing and handling processes of food.

This is a regulation recognized by the Global Food Safety Iniative (GFSI).


FACE Controlled

This is a Brand of Gluten free Spanish Association Federation , which regulates the gluten máximum level allowed on food destinated to be consumed by people intolerant to such substance.



Welfare Quality

Since 2016 the slaughterhouse is certified Animal Welfare developed by IRTA and based on the criteria established by Welfare Quality.