The highest quality in sausages and hams at your table since 1820.

Quality, taste and tradition: They are the keys of Prolongo products. Pork or Turkey Sausages, hams and sliced, have these common factors: raw materials of top quality and a careful elaboration transmitted from generation to generation, supported by the highest technology for the consumer satisfaction.


Masterful Recipes of products that last since generations ago. They have been made with the best raw materials and the highest standards of quality in the market to satisfy the most demanding consumers. The taste of always with the quality that the most current techniques provide in order to put on your table the best cooked and cured products.


We slice and pack our products with the latest technology so that they conserve all their properties and their taste for longer. Traditional recipes, the lifetime, in free service, to reach your table with all the flavour of Prolongo products , with comfort provided by slicing to the consumer.

Hams and Shoulders

Quality reaches its highest point in our shoulders and cured hams. Selected races, as the breed pure duroc pigs, we obtain a ham recognized internationally, identifiable by its extraordinary streaky , its exquisite taste and its black hoof.


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